what is allforcrypto?

a cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy and sell items for crypto.

what coins/payments are excepted?

lots:) all of the major cryptos are excepted +no charge-back payment methods such as paypal and credit card

can I pay with fiat also?

webmoney and perfectmoney fiat options will be added in the future .

what items can be sold on allforcrypto?

you can sell any goods and services which are deemed legal to trade.

how does the escrow system work?

we have our very own escrow system.funds are not released to the buyer till the 30 days are up are that the seller has confirmed they receive goods.

how is the cryptocurrency price calculated?

the payment processor coinpayments calculates the cryptocurrency price.

how long does escrow refund take?

escrow refunds can range from 48 hours to 30 days

buyer is not releasing escrow, I need my escrow released.

if you believe the buyer has received the item and you need allforcrypto to release your escrow, please submit an escrow release request.

allforcrypto will only release escrow as they see fit. we may reject the escrow release request if we believe that the item or the seller may be high risk.

my escrow released to the seller although I did not release escrow?

allforcrypto may release escrow to the seller if they deem the transaction, the item, and the seller low risk. when allforcrypto releases escrow we still cover the buyer for the duration of 30 days and would issue a full refund if a refund request is logged and we ruled in the buyer’s favor.

how do I know my coins are safe with you?

all funds are held on coinpayments which is one of the most secure crypto payment processors at the moment.

how much are your fees and charges?

seller fees: seller pay 5% flat rate on sold items across the site, regardless of the price or the category the item is listed under. sellers also pay for the network fee used to send them the payment.

buyer fees: buying on allforcrypto is free. an additional small fee, however, is charged if you use the coinpayment escrow.

how does the fees system work?

fees are taken out when the funds are sent to the sellers after a successful sale.

can I use a 3rd party escrow?

yes, you can use the coinpayment escrow when you pay for your item.

how can I withdraw funds from allforcrypto?

after a successful sale, an email will be sent to you for your cryptocurrency of choice and address so you can receive your funds.

I sent my items and the buyer didn’t release escrow funds. now, what?

u have to wait 30 days. if we get no news from the buyer within that time funds are sent to you.