About us

What is Allforcrypto?

Allforcrypto is only the Marketplace that allows users to buy and sell items for cryptocurrency, perfect money, and Webmoney. Our very own escrow service and the independent coinpayments escrow which users can use also if they wish allows users to transact securely.

We offer a built-in escrow service like no other in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our 30 days buyer protection and money back feature allows buyers to buy with bitcoin securely knowing they will receive what they paid for or their money back.


This might sound obvious, but allforcrypto is a mainly a cryptocurrency marketplace. We do not accept any other forms of payments such as bank transfers and credit cards due to the chance of fraud by the purchaser. This way the seller is just as protected as the buyer which is not the case on such sites as eBay.

Are key features 

  • We offer a built-in escrow service. Users can also make use of coinpayments own escrow for additional security.

  • Our escrow service provides up to 30 days buyer protection and allows our users to trade in a secure manner where they know they are protected in the event something goes wrong with the purchase.

  • Escrow gets released automatically after 30 days from the time you commit to purchase an item. Make sure if you have an issue with a purchase that you request a refund before the 30 days are up as we cannot issue a refund after the 30 days have passed and the funds have left our wallet.

  • Escrow refunds take at least 84 hours to be processed by us unless the seller agrees to refund the buyer. If the seller disputes the refund request it might take longer than 84 hours to decide the outcome.

  • Sellers are expected to reply to refund requests within 96 hours. If no reply is received after 96 hours the buyer will get refunded automatically and the request will be marked as resolved.

  • We cannot refund escrow for funds which have already been released to the seller. We might contact the seller on the buyer’s behalf to ask for the funds to be returned, but we offer no guarantees once the funds have left our escrow.

  • Sellers are not allowed to ask buyers to pay outside of allforcrypto This is against our terms and conditions and will result in the account being suspended.

  •  a listing, selling, or buying illegal items will result in your account getting suspended.