How to purchase tokens

  1. Create a Waves Wallet: Create a waves wallet here wavesplatform It is very important to store seed and password somewhere safe since you need then to excess your wallet in the future. Copy your waves address and keep in near for step three.
  2. Create an Account: Create an account here .Make sure you have excess to the email you signed up with since we will email you before we send to make sure waves address received is correct. Also, make a note of your username and email so you don’t forget them.
  3. Buy tokens: Purchase tokens here.Click on the payment method, you like to use and follow instructions.


How to complete KYC 

  1. Create a Password Protected Zip: Create a password protected zip file which includes your passport picture, recent bank/utility statement, a selfie with you and passport and a brief note that includes username, email, and your waves wallet address. If you don’t have zip software installed on your computer already is a great choice of software it is free and easy to use.
  2. Upload File to Dropbox:  Upload zip file to our dropbox
  3. Send Me Your Zip File: Send me your zip file password by email to
  4. Confirmation: After we have confirmed your documents and that you’re not from a restricted country we will send your tokens to the waves address provided.