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Coin Description (PS full whitepaper coming soon this only a temp  filler text till it is ready)

Purchase pre ico coins at a big discount. Coin holders will get big perks such as a big discount on purchases and reduce selling fees. Coins will also hold their value. let’s say for example 1 million is raised. Well 1 million of goods can also be purchased for the website no matter what so your coins will hold there value. When the site is turning a profit coin holders will be able to buy items let say an ounce of gold for a big discount. When the site is a success you be wishing that you bought the coins now. Pre ICO price of the coin.04 US dollar a coin. This is only the price of the coins till the PRE ICO is over(When 3-5 million coins our sold). Cost of coins will go up after PRE ICO is finished.

ICO Overview

  • Coin sold during PRE ICO: 3-5 million
  • Cost: 4 cents a coin
  • PRE ICO Soft Cap:120000 dollars
  • PRE ICO Hard Cap:200000  dollars
  • ICO Soft cap: 20 million dollars
  • ICO Hard cap:50 million dollars
  • PRE ICO  investors=5 million coins
  • Founder=6 million coins
  • Staff/experts=12 million coins
  • Bounty=2 million coins
  • ICO investors=65 million coins
  • For future exchanges/reserve =8 million coins
Where PRE-ICO Funds will go
  • Legalization and licensing =10%
  • Website development =10%
  • Coinpayments to host future ICO and estrow=5%
  • The hiring of experts and staff=40%
  • Whitepaper cost=5%
  • Marketing/promotion =30%


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